Professional Postpartum Doula ~ over a Decade of Experience

Sweet Dreams Doula



Our goal as your Postpartum Doula is to nurture, educate & support your family. We will provide nonjudgmental, evidence based information and hands on support. 

It can be quite overwhelming transitioning to home with your new little one. Whether it is your first, second, third or more, it is always an adjustment to get your bearings as a new family. We can help ease you through that delicate time and promote confidence while supporting you physically and emotionally.

We welcome, honor, respect and support families created through birth, surrogacy and adoption. Regardless of how your family was formed, we can encourage, educate and assist you in strengthening the skills to help your new family flourish.



  • Breastfeeding support & guidance
  • Bottle feeding /formula feeding support & guidance
  • Nurturing postpartum recovery: encouraging rest, emotional support 
  • Maximizing parents sleep
  • Postpartum Mood Disorder support
  • Basic Babywearing and swaddling techniques
  • Promotion of healthy sleep habits & routines
  • Newborn care and education: swaddling, soothing, bathing, feeding 
  • Personalized infant feeding plans
  • Personalized sleep solution plan following AAP guidelines
  • Referral list of trusted local resources such as classes, support groups, therapists and medical professionals