Professional Postpartum Doula ~ over a Decade of Experience

Professional Postpartum Doula ~ over a Decade of Experience

postpartum doula, infant feeding specialist, sleep coaching
postpartum doula, infant feeding specialist, sleep coaching

Sweet Dreams Doula


What is a Postpartum Doula.......

As defined by the American Pregnancy Association ~

A postpartum doula provides evidenced-based information on things such as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother-baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care. A postpartum doula is there to help a new family in those first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby.

As defined by ProDoula ~

A postpartum doula, in the most basic of descriptions, instills a sense of stability where new parents can thrive. They reduce stress and anxiety and build on self-confidence and comfortability. They become one with the family and they offer a nonjudgmental approach to understanding each client’s needs. They utilize their exceptional listening skills and they anticipate that things may change from moment to moment. They reflect back in order to be certain they understand, and they offer constant affirmation which leads to improved levels of confidence.

Glimpse of the overnight support that we offer...….

We offer a full 8 hours of awake overnight support to my families. Upon arrival we will check in with parents ~ How are you feeling, how are things going, what questions do you have? After addressing the parents needs we'll inquire about the baby ~ How has the baby's day been, any feeding or sleeping issues, when was the last feeding and diaper change? If you are bottle feeding breast milk or formula feeding you can then head off to bed for 8 hours of uninterrupted, sound sleep! If you are breast feeding, we can set up a plan for the night of when you would like us to bring baby to you for nursing. While you are nursing we can get you some fresh water and or a light snack if you desire. We will take care of the diaper changes and burping. During the baby's sleep periods we can help with laundry, washing bottles and pump parts as well as tidying up the kitchen.